Worthington Dental Group

*while principal at prior firm

Worthington Dental Group

Dental Offices
The Shops at Worthington lace
Worthington, Ohio

Project Info:

The new Worthington Dental Group office is a spa-lite environment strategically designed to attract the targeted family decision making, female patron in an effort to expand the dental practice’s patient age spread from 20-80 to 5-80 where she can naturally expect to also find related spa services such as Botox, Dermal filler and other cosmetic services. The office is designed to be a warm, nurturing atmosphere of trust, playing to all 5 senses, featuring natural elements, cromatherapy color pallet, organically themed material pallet, soft indirect ambient lighting and pin point accent lighting, programed soundscape and gourmet coffee bar and snacks. Mall patrons are drawn into the circular pre-lobby area as a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the shopping concourse and introduced to the soothing atmosphere to be found within the WDG office space where they can experience the internet café or just simply recharge themselves and their laptop and cellphones. The finishes are layered onto the concentric shells of the floor plan which is zoned for an incrementally increasing severity of patient care. The graphic identity selected for the new Worthington Dental Group’s practice further plays upon the concentric shell iconic floor plan where the “WDG” appears to emerge from a field of running circles giving the impression that the dental practice is moving forward into the future and with its use of the environment’s same soft color pallet, promising the targeted patent the nurturing experience she expects. Reflecting its mission of education and dental services expertise, the new Worthington Dental Group interior environment will include compelling educational, wi-fi connectivity and interactive opportunities for patrons to be nurtured and informed during their office experience. The new WDG environmental brand represents the dental practice’s promise to offer the highest level of personal service available in the marketplace.

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