Steve's Dari Treats

*while principal at prior firm

Steve’s & Stephano’s

Dari Treats – Pizza & Subs

3783 US Hwy 42 South
Delaware, Ohio 43015

Project Info:

Renovation of the former motel office and manager’s apartment building located on the campus of a 1930’s era one story motel typical of its time period. The Owner’s vision was to transform the site into a destination location for classic car buffs for a 1950’s cruising experience. The first stage in the phased transformation is to convert the former motel office into a walk-up soft serve ice cream and pizza restaurant with outside and inside ordering capability and outdoor picnic table dining during warm weather months. The transformation starts by overlaying a sleek, diner aesthetic reminiscent of traditional diners of the 50’s. Each of the horizontal layers of the new, pervasive, stepping and color coded fascia take on a particular desired function on the exterior: Red at the wainscot water table for the order window counters, blue for the order window canopies, yellow for the door canopies and the primary, bold and thickened red fascia forming the outside eating canopy. The built-up fascia even flies free of the building to grasp the pylon, identity sign and the fascia pierces the building to become the facility’s various menu boards bringing all into the overall composition. Eventually the diner themed aesthetic will be layered onto the adjacent motel building completing the campus’s transformation making the site a “must-visit” attraction for local Delaware patrons and out-of-town visitor’s alike.

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