Outdoor Education Center

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Worthington City Schools

Outdoor Education Center

Thomas Worthington High School
Worthington, Ohio

Project Info:

Renovation of an existing 1960's era Shelter House of approximately 3,000 sf, located on the grounds of Thomas Worthington High School to serve the School District as an Outdoor Classroom for a variety of programs including the study of Environmental Science as well as providing the City of Columbus with a much needed Community Building. The renovation consists mostly of the removal of various wood partitioning and wood clad storage elements added to the facility over time to reveal the simple beauty inherent in the original design. Overhead glass doors will fill the original voids between the masonry piers so that the facility can be heated and used year round. Other than the clean-up and restoration of the shell building and removal of paint from the interior laminated wood beams, wood decking and concrete masonry partitions, the toilet rooms will be brought into compliance with current codes with new fixtures and the existing kitchen will be transformed into a catering station. The restored fireplace and hearth with glow with the newly installed gas burning logs creating a warm inviting room where the citizens of Worthington can gather.

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